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Laser Hair Removal

Richard J. Dittrich, DO, FACOG -  - Aesthetics

Professional Aesthetics & Wellness Center

Richard J. Dittrich, DO, FACOG

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Modern laser hair removal treatments with the Synchro REPLA:Y system by DEKA are ideal for both men and women. With the help of Richard J. Dittrich, DO, FACOG, and the skin care experts at Professional Aesthetics & Wellness Center, you can get rid of unwanted body hair — permanently. Find out if laser hair removal is right for you by booking a consultation at either the South Philadelphia or Voorhees, New Jersey, clinics. Click on the online scheduler or call your closest office directly.

Laser Hair Removal Q & A

What happens during laser hair removal treatment?

Laser hair removal allows you to lie back and relax while your dedicated laser technician goes to work and treats your hair follicles. With each pass of the handheld laser device, the Synchro REPLA:Y system sends laser energy deep down into your hair follicles.

This laser energy causes hairs to heat up to a point that disrupts the natural growth cycle. Since treated hair can no longer grow, your body doesn’t have a use for it and hair sheds out over time. Treated hair does grow back after laser hair removal. But each time it grows, it’s finer and lighter until eventually, hair stops growing back.

The state-of-the-art Synchro REPLA:Y system uses Alexandrite and Nd:YAG wavelengths for the most effective laser hair removal treatments for almost all skin shades and hair colors. This allows you to get the smoother skin you want, in the shortest amount of time possible.  

How long does it take for laser hair removal to work?

Treated hair sheds within about 2-3 weeks of your session at Professional Aesthetics & Wellness Center. Laser hair removal takes time and dedication, although the end result is dramatically smoother skin, so it’s worth it.*

Dr. Dittrich and the team at Professional Aesthetics & Wellness Center usually recommend having a package of at least six laser treatments — each spaced 3-4 weeks apart — to achieve optimal results. If you have stubborn or coarse hair, you could need up to 10 sessions.

Is laser hair removal painful?

Laser hair removal feels like a batch of tiny rubber bands striking your skin all at once. The sensation is well tolerated. If you’re having a delicate area treated, such as your upper lip or bikini area, or if you’re sensitive to pain, Dr. Dittrich might recommend numbing your skin with a topical cream or ice pack before your session.

Just remember that if you do experience any discomfort, the effects are minimal and last just a few seconds. And at the end of your entire laser hair removal treatment at Professional Aesthetics & Wellness Center, you’re going to have dramatically smoother skin.

Get started on your laser hair removal treatments by booking a consultation at Professional Aesthetics & Wellness Center. Schedule online or over the phone.

*Individual results may vary.