Why who administers your Botox matters

Botox injections

Are you tired of seeing fine lines and wrinkles when you look in the mirror? Are the crow’s feet around your eyes making you look older than you feel? Are you ready to try Botox but don’t know which provider to choose? We’re here to help. At the Professional Aesthetics & Wellness Center, our team is highly trained and led by Dr. Richard Dittrich, a board-certified physician.

We’ve administered Botox injections to many patients, and we’ve seen the effects when untrained hands give less-than-stellar results. Understand why who administers your wrinkle-reducing treatment injections matters and how it can impact the results you get.

Botox basics

Botox is an injectable serum that can reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles around the eyes (crow’s feet), frown lines that form between the brows, and lines across your forehead. Unlike wrinkles caused by aging and the sun, these lines are called expression lines, as they form when you move your facial muscles while forming expressions. The repeated movements of those muscles eventually cause the skin above the muscles to fold or crease, leading to fine lines and wrinkles.

Botox stops these movements by temporarily paralyzing the muscle, forcing it to relax, and allowing the skin above the muscle to smooth out. The treatment takes about 10 minutes to complete, and the results can last up to four months.

Finding the right Botox provider

Getting Botox is more than just getting a few shots. Botox is a drug and should only be administered by a highly specialized and trained professional. Only physicians can order the medication, and each state determines who can legally give the injections. In some states, it’s only licensed physicians, while other states allow Botox treatments to be completed by other health care professionals under the direction and supervision of a licensed physician.

But does it really matter who administers your Botox? Yes, it does. We recommend going to the best Botox specialist possible, someone with the most training and experience, such as a:

While paraprofessionals may legally be allowed to administer Botox injections, in some cases, they lack training and know-how. We recommend avoiding anyone who’s not a licensed physician or working under the direction of one.

What to look for in a Botox provider

Beyond their certifications and training, choose a Botox provider who’s registered with your state (information that’s easily available through a quick Google search) and who works out of a clean, safe, and sterile environment.

During your initial consultation, look around the office for signs of cleanliness and good hygiene among the staff. If anything makes you feel uncomfortable, find another provider.

Once you’re at the office for your injections, look for the manufacturer’s safety hologram on the Botox vial to ensure the product is authentic. Some providers try to make more money by using Botox imposters, sacrificing your results along with their integrity.

Botox should always be administered in a sterile medical environment, so avoid Botox “parties.” These get-togethers are often held in unsafe environments, such as hotel rooms, where hygiene isn’t enforced and there are people drinking and eating. These parties are led by unscrupulous physicians who care more about their profits than their patients’ health.

Botox parties tend to lead to an increase in side effects, including headaches, bruising, eye drooping, and, in rare cases, even fainting. What’s more, when Botox injections occur outside of a medical facility, as is the case with these parties, the provider isn’t equipped to deal with the issues that arise.

When given by a knowledgeable professional, Botox is safe and effective. Don’t risk your results and your health. Book a consultation with Dr. Richard Dittrich at the Professional Aesthetics & Wellness Center today, and find out why he’s a Botox provider you can trust to administer your injections and help you begin to feel better in your skin.

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