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What is Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy and Is It Right for You?

In 2008, 31.8 million prescriptions were written for hormone replacement therapy (HRT) solutions. HRT is a healthcare approach that supplements the hormones within the body.

In women, HRT comes in two basic forms:

  1. One type, prescribed to women who are at midlife and naturally going through menopause, is called estrogen with progesterone therapy (EPT)
  2. When women who have experienced surgical menopause or had a hysterectomy, estrogen-alone therapy (ET) can help.

In men, HRT is commonly used to treat erectile dysfunction and improve stamina.

Any of these types of therapy can be provided as bioidentical hormone replacement therapy (BHRT). This article explores quick facts related to hormone replacement therapy, the three stages of menopause, and the benefits of HRT. We close with a discussion of what makes BHRT particularly useful, and how it can help both women and men.

Quick HRT facts

Before we get into the details of benefits and this treatment, here are some key quick facts about hormone replacement therapy:

The three stages of menopause

Both estrogen and progesterone are critical female reproductive hormones. The release of eggs is prompted by estrogen (along with its other roles described below), while preparation of the womb for the implantation of an egg is stimulated by progesterone.

As women age, the quantity of eggs in their system and the extent to which estrogen is created both shrink.

When a woman is in her late forties, typically the hormones begin adjusting. Symptoms such as hot flashes can result. The three stretches of time related to menopause are:

A woman has a higher risk of experiencing osteoporosis both while menopause is occurring and thereafter.

Menopause occurs naturally as a result of aging. It can also take place when a woman has her ovaries removed in a hysterectomy, or when she is treated for cancer.

Menopause will also often take place prematurely when a woman smokes cigarettes.

Why women use HRT

As indicated above, estrogen stimulates the release of eggs. It also works with progesterone to help the uterus ready itself for the implantation of eggs, help manage cholesterol, aid with the processing of calcium, and maintain the health of the vagina.

When menopause occurs, the ovaries begin to generate much lower quantities of progesterone and estrogen. When the levels of the hormones begin to deplete, symptoms can result ranging from painful intercourse to hot flashes, from vaginal dryness to sleep disturbances, and from mood disorders to night sweats.

The one other key concern related to menopause is that it makes you more vulnerable to osteoporosis. Hormone replacement therapy can protect you against osteoporosis and curb the symptoms of menopause by boosting the amount of estrogen within your body.

How anyone can benefit from BHRT

Bioidentical hormone replacement therapy can help to improve sex drive, refuel energy, bolster mood, maintain wellness, and slow or reverse signs of aging – all through the achievement of a healthy balance of reproductive hormones. You can take BHRT via capsules, creams, or pellets. The reason pellets are so often chosen is that they are long-lasting, with women and men who take them seeing the impact for months.

The benefits of this treatment extend beyond the basic positives described above. Here is a fuller list of the gains that can be achieved through this therapy:

Useful for both women and men

Bioidentical hormone replacement therapy is typically described in term of its use for menopause in women. However, it is actually helpful for reproductive issues experienced by either sex:

Getting help

Are you considering bioidentical hormone replacement therapy? Contact Dr. Dittrich at Professional Aesthetics & Wellness Center today to book an appointment! 

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