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Wellness and Anti-Aging Physicians in the Philadelphia Area: Four Considerations

Health and wellness is a gift that you appreciate more as you get older.  As we age, we know we can focus on watching our diets, getting proper exercise, and making sure that we keep up with our medical appointments to ward off or manage any health challenges we might face. These are the basics.

But what about how you feel and how you look?  What we know is that sometimes our appearance may not reflect how we feel.  At the same time, sometimes how we feel can be impacted by how we look.

Visible signs of aging that can be addressed

Changes in appearance or “cosmetic” changes as we age are normal – part of the gift of life. But we aren’t always comfortable with these changes, or perhaps we feel the changes are happening too early, or too fast.  There are actions you can take that may help slow or minimize some of these cosmetic changes.  By consulting with a physician who is familiar with cosmetic treatments, you can find the right solution for your particular concern.

There are a wide range of commonly used treatments that may help address some of the visible signs of aging include injectables such as Botox or Dysport or fillers such as Juvederm and Restylane.  In addition, there are treatments such as laser hair removal and Sculpsure that can have a favorable impact.  The choice of treatment depends on the type of challenge being addressed and your particular needs as a patient.

Invisible aspects of aging that affect how your feel

Changes in how we feel also happen as we age.  Both women and men experience changes in hormone levels that can negatively impact how they feel.  Women experience decreased estrogen and men experience decreased testosterone levels.  In some instances, the impact on quality of life associated with changing hormone levels can be quite disturbing. Working with a specialist in bioidentical hormone therapy can be helpful.

What to look for in a physician

When looking for a doctor who specializes in wellness or anti-aging medicine in the Philadelphia area, it’s important to evaluate four attributes:

1. Experience level: find a physician who is experienced in working with patients who have experienced the same issues that you are challenged by. You can benefit by working with an experienced physician who has seen the issues you are concerned about before.

2. Range of Solutions: find a physician who offers more than one solution for a problem. Your problems are unique and one solution is not going to work for every individual. A range of solutions means that your physician can work with you to assess your situation and develop a treatment plan that is unique to you as an individual patient.

3. Listening Skills/Sensitivity: A good physician who focuses on wellness and anti-aging medicine should be open to hearing your concerns and sensitive to your issues. This also extends to the office staff.    Physician and staff who are good listeners may be able pick up on subtle symptoms and issues that you yourself might have written off as something that cannot be addressed.

4. Complete honesty: A final attribute is to make sure you are speaking to a physician who will let you know that a particular treatment may not be for you.  Your physician should look at your specific concerns, your objectives, along with your medical history to determine what might be right for you.

If you are looking for a wellness and anti-aging physician in Philadelphia who can offer cosmetic solutions such as Botox or Kybella, or medical therapeutics such as bioidentical hormone therapy, you should consider Dr. Richard Dittrich at Professional Aesthetics and Wellness Center in South Philadelphia. For a consultation with Dr. Richard Dittrich in our South Philadelphia Office, click, fill out the form and our receptionist will contact you to schedule an appointment by the end of the next business day. Or call dial us directly at 215-465-9600.


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