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Start the New Year Off with One of Our Highly Successful Medically Supervised Weight Loss Programs

A medically-supervised weight-loss program can make all the difference.

The New Year is the time to make good on that resolution to lose weight and get in shape once and for all. However, shedding pounds on your own and keeping it off is an incredibly difficult endeavor. Lasting weight loss requires more than willpower.

Our medically supervised weight loss programs are the way to go when you want your New Year’s resolution to stick. Here’s how our programs can help you finally achieve meaningful weight loss and feel good while you’re doing it.

The support you need

Lead by Dr. Richard Dittrich, our team at Professional Aesthetics & Wellness Center offers the support you need to reach your weight loss goals. People who have a support structure during their weight loss journey lose more weight and keep it off longer than those who go it alone. A solid support system provides encouragement, holds you accountable, and helps to ensure success every step of the way.

Weight loss based on science

Our medically supervised weight loss programs take the guesswork out of losing weight. Your weight loss plan is guided by a comprehensive evaluation and body composition analysis. The evaluation provides information about your health status and your risk for various diseases and helps us choose the program that’s right for you. Dr. Dittrich can identify hormonal imbalances and disease states that may impact your ability to lose weight. Treating and managing preexisting conditions helps to ensure that you lose weight safely and effectively.

Get cravings under control

Hunger and cravings can make it challenging to stick to a healthy, nutritious, reduced-calorie diet. Dealing with strong cravings for fatty, high-calorie, or sweet foods is enough to throw a wrench in the best weight loss program. If you’re dealing with cravings, Dr. Dittrich can prescribe an FDA-approved appetite suppressant. Controlling cravings can help you succeed and feel better as you slim down and reach your weight loss goals.

Nutrients to assist in weight loss

Your body utilizes a wide variety of vitamins, minerals, and other nutrients to function properly, and this includes while you’re losing weight. Less-than-optimal levels of key nutrients can hinder weight loss. After your evaluation and consultation, Dr. Dittrich may recommend our lipotropic (Lipo-B) program for you.

The Lipo-B program provides your body with B vitamins along with choline, methionine, and inositol, three key amino acids that assist your body in optimizing weight loss. You’ll receive Lipo-B injections to boost metabolism and enhance your body’s ability to eliminate body fat. The Lipo-B diet helps you feel well as you lose weight and keep it off for good.

Physician-supervised modified hCG diet

Human chorionic gonadotropin (hCG) is a hormone the body makes in high amounts during early pregnancy. The substance is considered a prohormone because it helps the body produce other important hormones, such as estrogen and progesterone. Receiving daily hCG injections is designed to enhance your body’s metabolism and boost your weight loss. The hCG can also help control your appetite so that you can stick to a low-calorie meal plan designed to work with it.

Let our programs work for you

Ditching the one-size-fits-all approach of DIY weight loss means giving yourself the best chance at weight loss success. If you’re tired of resolving each year to lose weight and improve your health, then you’re ready to partner with a weight loss professional to start your journey to a slimmer, healthier you.

Contact the office nearest you --  in either Voorhees, New Jersey, or Philadelphia -- to schedule an initial consultation with Dr. Dittrich. You can call us to start your weight loss journey or book online at your convenience.

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