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SculpSure®: Start Treatment Now and Have the Beach Body You've Always Wanted by Summer

It’s sometimes hard to admit that you have limited control over your body shape. Despite self-discipline, diet, and toning workouts, sometimes your genetics dictate where stores of fat accumulate. This is particularly true for those who are getting older. Hormone balances change and a once-flat stomach may lose definition and begin to round out.

The culprit is subcutaneous fat, resting between skin and muscle. This commonly accumulates on the belly, love handles, back, thighs, and even under your chin. Accumulations in any of these areas can create an older appearance. They don’t reflect the efforts you make to maintain your healthy body weight. Yet, short of liposuction surgery, is there anything you can do to reshape these deposits?

The answer is yes.

SculpSure laser body contouring system

Body fat has some interesting characteristics. One of these is that warming it above body temperature compromises the integrity of the tissue. Your body perceives this damage and starts removing fat cells naturally through the lymphatic and circulatory systems.

However, these same systems do a remarkable job of controlling the temperature everywhere in your body, so the question becomes how to selectively elevate the temperature of body fat while leaving other tissue unaffected. That’s where SculpSure comes in.

Targeted laser light energy

SculpSure’s lasers use a light frequency that’s easily absorbed by subcutaneous fat, while largely passing through your skin without effect. SculpSure protects your skin even further by featuring cooling heads on the system applicators, so your treatment actually feels a little chilly even while your fat is warming.

There’s only about a 10-degree temperature difference needed to start the fat removal process. Once at this temperature, called the coagulation point, your body takes over with a safe and gradual tissue removal process. While your fat isn’t literally melted, that’s the net effect.

12 weeks to the body you want

Since SculpSure enlists natural body systems to aid your contouring procedure, it takes some time before you see results. Most see the start of the process at about six weeks post-treatment, with maximum effects at about 12 weeks.

That means the months of late winter and early spring are the ideal time to start SculpSure, especially if you want results by the time summer beach season arrives. Depending on the body shape you’re after, follow-up treatments could bring you closer to your sculpting goals.

What to expect from a SculpSure treatment

As well as being completely noninvasive, SculpSure treatments have zero recovery time. Your appointment takes 25 minutes of active treatment time, after which you’re ready to get on with your day. If you feel anything at all after your session, it’s a feeling of warmth, as though after a day at the beach, but without harmful UV rays. There’s little chance of side effects from SculpSure treatments.

Having a body that you’re proud of can skyrocket your confidence. Talk to Dr. Dittrich and the team at Professional Aesthetics & Wellness Center about SculpSure and how it can help you. Contact the office by phone or online today.

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