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Non-Invasive Fat Reduction with SculpSure in South Philadelphia

If you have been working to reduce your weight and lose fat in specific areas and the fat is not going away, you may be very frustrated. This is a common challenge for many men and women. You should know that there are several non-surgical methods to remove stubborn fat that has not responded to dieting.  The main focus of non-surgical fat reduction treatments is to bre ak down subcutaneous fat cells so that they can be excreted by the body.  The treatments break down fat with no surgery and no down time.  Multiple treatments may be needed for best results.

Non-invasive fat removal can be done with using extreme cold (cryolipolysis), sonic energy (ultrasound), injected medications that break down fat cells, using a portion of the light spectrum (red light), and focused heat combined with cooling (laser).

Although the selection of the method used in any individual situation is the result of a consultation of the expert practitioner and the patient, laser fat reduction is a commonly used method of fat reduction. Laser fat reduction can be a suitable solution for both men and women.

SculpSure is the world’s first approved non-invasive fat removal laser. SculpSure can be used in a broad range of areas on the bodies of both men and women.  First approved for fat removal from the stomach, sides, back, and inner and outer thighs, it is now available for use underneath the chin.

Your skilled practitioner will consult with you to assess the nature of your fat deposits and be able to customize a treatment plan that fits your needs.  Notable results may be achieved in two treatments.

What is treatment like with SculpSure?

A patient receiving treatment will lay on a treatment table and a treatment belt where the lasers are located is applied to the area being treated. When the treatment begins, you may feel some tingling that may vary as SculpSure cycles through its fat reduction activity.  This feeling is well-tolerated, and the intensity can be adjusted by the practitioner.  Many patients are able to read or nap while the treatment is taking place. Each treatment takes less than 25 minutes to complete.

After treatment you may experience some swelling in the treatment area which is a natural response to the treatment, but you will be able to return to work immediately. You will see the impact generally within a couple of months, with the maximum response within 3 months.

How can I find SculpSure near me?

If you are looking to reduce stubborn fat in a specific area, SculpSure may be the treatment for you.  Having an experienced practitioner is important to having a good outcome for your treatment.  At Professional Aesthetics and Wellness Center located in South Philadelphia, our practitioner works under the direction of Dr. Richard Dittrich, an expert in wellness medicine. If you are interested in laser fat reduction with SculpSure, or if you are unsure what non-invasive fat reduction approach is best for you, contact Professional Aesthetics and Wellness Center ( for an appointment today.


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