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Finish Off Your Weight Loss Journey With SclupSure

If you’ve valiantly worked out and made sure you had good nutrition, but are still falling just a few inches shy of your ideal body shape, there’s a solution for you. Sometimes it’s not even the few extra pounds that are the problem, but where and how the weight is being stored.

At Professional Aesthetics & Wellness Center in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania and Voorhees, New Jersey, Dr. Richard J. Dittrich can provide you with the small assist you need to finally reach your body image goals. The SculpSure® system is safe, effective, and ideal for people trying and only just barely failing to achieve their weight loss goals.  

Body contouring that works

Body contouring, which is also known as nonsurgical liposuction, uses targeted laser energy that zeroes in on stubborn fat cells just below the surface of your skin. The cells are heated gently, disrupting the cell structure just enough for the body to identify them as waste. Then the disrupted fat cells are safely and effectively flushed away naturally by your lymphatic system.  

Treatment with SculpSure

The SculpSure handheld device sculpts body parts that can be fat loss resistant, such as:  

Treatments only take about 25 minutes per area, and you don’t have to get completely undressed. Your doctor will ask you to simply rest comfortably during treatment, which usually causes no more discomfort than a slight warming sensation. There’s no downtime, so you can go back to your day. Many people like to get SculpSure during their lunch break or before a fun-filled weekend. 

SculpSure candidates and results

SculpSure isn’t intended as a stand alone fat loss treatment. It works better when used as a way to finish off a weight loss journey. You’ll need to have a BMI under 30 to be considered for treatment. You’ll also need to be able to stay off of blood thinners or aspirin before treatment and directly afterwards. 

This treatment can get rid of as much as 24% of fat in problem areas, smoothing, slimming, and shaping your body into a pleasing contour. It will take time for your body to eliminate the waste fat cells, so expect about six weeks to pass for final results to be evident. You can repeat treatment if desired or target another body area. 

To find out if SculpSure could be the right body contouring option for you, call us or book an appointment using our online scheduler today.  

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