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Don't Put up With Painful Sex After Menopause: Learn About the Breakthrough Cutera® Juliet™ Laser Tr

Cutera® Juliet™ Laser, vaginal rejuvination, Painful Sex, menopause, Professional Aesthetics & Wellness Center

Unlike some women, you were actually looking forward to menopause: No more messy periods, no more cramps, no more worrying about unwanted pregnancy. But menopause is here and now you’ve got another set of worries. Your love life’s taken a dive, and you almost don’t care.

Sex, which used to be a joy, has become downright painful. Your vagina’s so dry that even copious amounts of lubricant don’t ease the pain and friction of sexual intercourse.

Reversing the changes of the “change of life”

The hormonal fluctuations and decrease in estrogen that occur during perimenopause and menopause alter the physical characteristics of your vagina and vulva. Your skin gets thinner and more easily irritated, while at the same time, you experience less pleasure. You may have a number of unsettling symptoms, including:

Although these changes are considered a normal consequence of aging and menopause, you don’t have to put up with them. At the Professional Aesthetics & Wellness Center — with locations in South Philadelphia, Philadelphia, and the Glendale Executive Campus in Voorhees, New Jersey — expert gynecologist Dr. Richard J. Dittrich helps reverse uncomfortable hormone-related vaginal symptoms with Juliet™ laser treatments from Cutera®. The Juliet revitalizes your vagina, vulva, and other urogenital tissues without surgery, hormones, or downtime.

One, two, rejuvenate

The Juliet revitalizes urogenital tissues by delivering two passes of 360-degree laser energy throughout your vaginal canal. The first pass vaporizes old, degraded tissues and collagen fibers and creates controlled micro-wounds in your skin. The second pass instigates tissue coagulation with thermal energy, triggering your body’s healing process.

After your treatment and over the next weeks to months, your body’s healing process remodels your urogenital tissues with new collagen and elastin. Collagen is a long-strand protein that creates a criss-crossed matrix to support your skin and make it strong.  Elastin is a protein that allows your skin to stretch and then return to its original shape, as it did when you were young.

The collagen remodeling process also creates new blood vessels that suffuse your tissues with blood and improve circulation to your vagina. Over the next weeks, you notice improvements, including:

A permanent solution in 10 minutes

At Professional Aesthetics & Wellness Center, the safe, relaxing Juliet treatment only takes about 10 minutes. While you may feel a little sore or irritated after your vaginal rejuvenation, these symptoms should clear within a few days. Dr. Dittrich recommends refraining from sex for at least two days after your Juliet therapy.

The collagen remodeling process continues for months, which means you’ll continue to see benefits and improvements as your skin remodels itself, tightens, and begins producing lubrication again. Dr. Dittrich advises yearly touch-up treatments to maintain your benefits over the long term.

You don’t have to put up with painful sex or avoid romance anymore. Call us today for a Juliet laser treatment or book a consultation online.

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