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Are Troublesome Vaginal Symptoms Impacting Your Quality of Life?

Many women suffer troublesome vaginal symptoms but hesitate to complain about them.  While these symptoms may be common, it doesn’t mean that these are symptoms you “just have to live with”. Suffering in silence means that your quality of life is not optimal.  But the fact is you can take action to address these concerns. If you are experiencing disturbing symptoms such as vaginal dryness, poor vaginal muscle tone,  or stress incontinence, among other symptoms, you may be a candidate for vaginal rejuvenation.

What is Vaginal Rejuvenation?

Vaginal rejuvenation is an in-office, minimally invasive medical procedure performed by an experienced physician that is intended to relieve unpleasant symptoms associated with vaginal atrophy, vaginal relaxation syndrome, and stress urinary incontinence.  This is not a cosmetic procedure.

What is Vaginal Atrophy?

Vaginal dryness, itching, painful intercourse, poor lubrication, decreased libido, and poor vaginal muscle elasticity and tone are all symptoms of vaginal atrophy.  Decreased production of estrogen is the main cause of this condition.  Gradual thinning of the vaginal tissues along with poor lubrication can lead to decreased enjoyment of sexual relations.

What is Vaginal Relaxation Syndrome?

Vaginal relaxation syndrome is associated with vaginal childbirth as well as normal aging.  This syndrome includes loss of optimal vaginal structure.  Pregnancies and child birth can worsen the symptoms, as can decreased estrogen associated with menopause and peri-menopause.  Women may note a loss of vaginal tightness which impacts their ability to enjoy intercourse.

What is Stress Urinary Incontinence?

Stress urinary incontinence is not uncommon after childbirth.  This type of incontinence is characterized by small amounts of urine that may leak with any type of activity that increases pressure on the abdomen and bladder.  This could include high impact exercise, coughing, sneezing and weight lifting.

How does vaginal rejuvenation work?

The Juliet Laser is a non-surgical, hormone-free treatment that can address these conditions.  The Juliet Laser is specifically designed to treat the vaginal mucosa. Juliet Laser helps to restore and resurface the vagina by encouraging the restart of the normal metabolism of the vaginal tissue and improving the condition of the vaginal mucosa. Post treatment, improvement may be felt by some patients immediately. As the vaginal mucosa regain elasticity and lubrication, symptoms such as itching, irritation and pain during intercourse will subside.

Treatment with the Juliet laser is fast and well-tolerated and there is no downtime.

Quality of Life is Important 

Your quality of life is important and while, in the past, women would suffer with these uncomfortable symptoms for years, treatment is available now that can alleviate these symptoms and allow you to have the rich quality of life that you and your family deserve.

Take action to address these uncomfortable and inconvenient symptoms now!

Vaginal Rejuvenation in the Philadelphia Area

 You may be wondering “how can I find someone who is familiar with vaginal rejuvenation near me?” For a consultation with Dr. Richard Dittrich, our gynecologist highly experienced with the Juliet Laser in our South Philadelphia Office, click, fill out the form and our receptionist will contact you to schedule an appointment by the end of the next business day. Or call us directly at 215-465-9600.

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