Aesthetic and Wellness Treatments for Men in Philadelphia

When many people think about treatments such as Botox, laser fat reduction, or bioidentical hormone therapy, the picture of a typical patient that first comes to mind may be that of a women.  Quite often, aesthetic treatments are portrayed as the province of women.  But these treatments can be appropriate for male patients, too.  In our experience, both men and women aspire to achieve their best possible selves, and we believe there is no real gender difference in the frequency of this desire. Whether you want to achieve your best appearance and feel your best because of a fiercely competitive work environment, or just for yourself, options abound in Philadelphia.

Physical Appearance

Small tweaks may be all you need in order to look your best.  And many people even feel better when they address areas of concern they may have related to their appearance.

Botox and other similar products can be used to eliminate lines and give you a relaxed and confident appearance. Injectable dermal fillers can also be used to help address specific concerns you may have such as deep lines.  A professional trained in working with these options can identify the best approach for your particular situation. And once your treatment is complete, you can return to work immediately

If you are concerned about troublesome areas of excess fat that appear to be resistant to your exercise and diet efforts, a treatment like SculpSure might be for you. SculpSure is the first laser to be approved for fat reduction.  It works by disrupting fat cells in the targeted area.  Once these cells are disrupted, your body will excrete them.  SculpSure is a treatment that takes less than an hour.  At least 2 sessions are required to have the greatest impact. Sculpsure is well tolerated and once a treatment is complete, you can return to work immediately.


If you are feeling less than your best and it is impacting broad areas of your life, you may need to have a complete health assessment.  Many men suffer from having lower than optimal testosterone levels.  In fact, beginning around age 40, men’s testosterone levels begin to decrease. While this decline is gradual there can be many symptoms, ranging from difficulty sleeping, fatigue, and irritability to decreased sex drive, erectile dysfunction and weight gain.  For a man who is diagnosed with low testosterone, it is important that supplementation result in sustained and consistent testosterone levels.  Bioidentical hormone pellet therapy can help achieve this. A physician trained in using bioidentical hormones can assess you using laboratory testing to determine whether supplementation is needed and, if this is identified as a problem, help you achieve ideal levels.

Take Action

There are many solutions available to help both men and women look and feel their best, and help them to have the best quality of life.  There is no reason why anyone, man or woman, needs to feel that their best is not achievable.  In the Philadelphia area, Dr. Richard Dittrich of Professional Aesthetics and Wellness Center in South Philadelphia and Voorhees, New Jersey is available to help.  Reach out to him at


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