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Results may vary
Results may vary
Beginning at approximately age 40, testosterone levels in men gradually begin to fall and continue to decrease by about 3% per year.  Symptoms include decreased sex drive, erectile dysfunction, weight gain, depression, difficulty sleeping, fatigue and irritability.

Hormonal needs for men have received national attention, but with marginal treatment options available. Hormonal treatments for men can be expensive, require daily consumption, and, in many cases, need to be carefully timed with their partner’s needs for normal sexual activities and pleasure.

Also for those who are transitioning, Hormone therapy is an important part of the process.

Professional Aesthetics and Wellness Center offers Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy, helping our patients regain their zest for life. Bioidentical hormone pellet therapy is the only method of testosterone therapy that gives sustained and consistent testosterone levels throughout the day for four to six months without any “roller coaster” blood levels of testosterone, which can result in mood and energy fluctuations for the patient.

At our wellness center, evaluation and treatment for low testosterone and DHEA levels includes thorough analysis of lab results, medical examination and review, assessment of family and personal history, and symptomatic evaluation. Results are then combined with comprehensive hormone level testing, allowing our medical director, Dr. Richard Dittrich, to create a customized program of Bioidentical Hormone Pellets or compounded bioidentical hormone cream, and medical-grade supplements, designed specifically for you.

Within weeks of initiating treatment you can expect to experience improvement in your energy level, sexual drive and performance, as well as memory and concentration.  Additional benefits include increased muscle mass and strength, protection against heart disease and decreased muscle aches and joint pain.

We will jump-start your therapy by ordering a detailed lab panel which will examine your hormonal status along with evaluating overall health.  Once your lab results are back, you can expect immediate treatment plans during your initial appointment with Dr. Dittrich.

Professional Aesthetics and Wellness Center accepts all major credit cards. Financing is also available through CareCredit® for patients looking to spread out payments for their procedures. Call or contact our office today to make an appointment for a free consultation.